Sheriff's Report & Most Wanted for July 4

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The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:


n June 24, Kimberly Sue Beech, 39, Fanning Springs, DWLSR. Bond $1,000.

n June 25, Ruperto Soriano Carreno, 24, Bronson, no valid DL.

n June 25, David Christopher, 57, Inglis, arson, murder while engaged in certain felony offense. Bond $2 million

n June 28, Inez Ysasi Conde, 42, battery. Bond $10,000.

n June 25, Theresia Marie Conley, 29, Chiefland, two counts FTA.

n June 26, Arthur Rodney Demurias, 60, Williston, DUI. Bond $2,500.

n June 30, Luis Duran, 51, Morriston, aggravated assault.

n June 27, Colby Ryan Edwards, 18, DWLSR. Bond $1,000.

n June 29, Bobby Lee Ellis Jr., 35, Old Town, two out of county warrants.

n June 25, Jon Esteves, 35, Inglis, VOP.

n June 28, Ashleigh Nicole Folsom, 22, Chiefland, DWLS.

n June 29, Maurice Vance Frazier, 57, Fairfield, battery, disorderly intoxication, felony battery, possession of cocaine, resisting officer W/OV, possession with intent to sell. Bond $40,000.

n June 30, Arthur Hunter Fugate, 27, Ocala, DUI.

n June 28, Keneisha Frasier Haynes, 25, Williston, FTA. Bond $2,000.

n June 24, Kimberly Jean Kinsey, 27, Bell, two counts petit theft, possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell, possession of marijuana, possession of drug equipment, child neglect. Bond $90,000.

n June 25, Lee Clarence Lewis, 25, Williston, selling cocaine, possession of cocaine. Bond $300,000.

n June 25, Desiree Rashad Lifherd, 23, Jacksonville, VOP. Bond $5,000.

n June 27, Danielle Marie McNabb, 19, Ocala, two counts pass/forge/alter bank bill, two counts, altering public record, grand theft, petit theft. Bond $27,500.

n June 29, Larry Andy Meeks Jr., 31, Chiefland, DUI, refusal to submit to DUI test. Bond $6,000.

n June 20, Phillipa Lynn Neal, 45, Steinhatchee, petit theft. 

n June 29, Nick Vincent Nighthorse, 49, Archer, battery. Bond $5,000.

n June 20, Carlos Javier Ortiz, 21, Bronson, battery.

n June 26, Sureshbhai C. Patel, 50, Chiefland, out of county warrant.

n June 27, Denver Dewayne Patterson, 26, Chiefland, battery. Bond $10,000.

n June 24, Paul John Petrello, 47, Beverly Hills, stalking victim after no contact order. Bond $2,500.

n June 28, Thomas M. Pettigrew, 26, Chiefland, FTA.

n June 25, Emil Roth III, 53, Inglis, theft/shoplifting. Bond $10,000.


June 29, Adam John Scott, 31, Williston, domestic battery, kidnapping/false imprisonment of adult. Bond $10,000.

June 27, Demarcus Singleton, 18, Williston, possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to sell, drugs. Bond $45,000.

June 28, Joshua Smith, 26, Chiefland, grand theft.

June 26, Timothy Wetherington, 25, Chiefland, arson. Bond $15,000.

June 27, Timothy Leon White, 39, Morriston, grand theft, stolen property. Bond $40,000.