Sheriff Johnny Smith's statement to Levy County Commission

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By The Staff

This is the statement read by Sheriff Johnny Smith to the Levy County Commission at its meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 30, regarding the purchase of 15 patrol cars:

Good Morning, Chairwoman and Commissioners

• Thank you for allowing me to come before you today.

• Over the past few months I have come before you on several occasions

concerning budgetary issues and the fact that our 09-10 budget has been cut

by over $400,000.00

• One of my greatest concerns has been our aging fleet of vehicles and how we

were going to keep them running another year knowing some of them should

have been replaced last year. I knew with the cuts that we are facing next

year that we were not going to be able to replace them anytime soon.

• I came before you expressing my concerns over this issue and expressed to

you that this was a critical area that needed to be addressed.

• Over the past couple of weeks we have been winding down the 08 - 09 fiscal

yea~ and since I last spoke to you, I realized because of good management

practices and frugal spending that we have some funds left that were set

aside this year for emergencies such as hurricanes or any other disaster.

Having these additional monies available at this time was an answer to my


• I made the decision to take theses monies and purchase the vehicles that we

are in great need of; with the understanding that next year's budget will not

allow the purchase of any vehicles. The vehicles have already been

purchased and will be at the sheriff's office this afternoon.

• The safety and welfare of the citizens of this county are paramount to me as

the county sheriff. It is my responsibility to ensure to the very best of my

ability that our officers are equipped with the tools necessary to accomplish

this goal.

• Thank you for your time.