Sheriff’s reports & Most Wanted for June 28

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The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
n June 19, Carrie Megan Berger, 29, Williston, aggravated battery. Bond $2,000.
n June 20, Boyd Iris Chisolm, 52, Chiefland, assault with deadly weapon without intent to kill. Bond $30,000.
n June 22, Peggy Congley, 43, Chiefland, two out of county warrants. Bond $1,000.
n June 23, Samuel Joseph Debolt, 27, Bronson, DWLS. Bond $2,000.
n June 21, Frantisca Ebeth Delpapa, 26, North Vernon, Ind., disorderly intoxication.
n June 22, Kelly Lynn Dyals, 46, out of county warrant.
n June 21, Charles Richard Ellison Jr., 55, Branford, DUI, possession of marijuana, possession of drug equipment. Bond $6,500.
n June 20, Russell Adam Girdler, 26, Rosewood, VOP. Bond $10,000.
n June 20, Hants Quincey Harrelson, 25, Chiefland, grand theft. Bond $25,000.
n June 24, Ian Anderson Henry, 29, Chiefland, selling marijuana, marijuana possession, use of two-way device to facilitate felony. Bond $90,000.
n June 23, Jane Rusby Keene, 61, Fanning Springs, trespassing. Bond $5,000.
n June 20, Joseph W. Kerr, 27, Williston, three counts lewd and lascivious behavior. Bond $450,000.
n June 20, Ronald Kingsley, 22, Bell, seven out of county warrants.
n June 18, Desmond McMahaon, 18, Williston, robbery with a firearm. Bond $50,000.
n June 24, Cass Edward Mills, 34, Ft. Myers, dealing in stolen property. Bond $30,000.
n June 18, Bobby Frank Sherman, 19, Williston, robbery with firearm. Bond $100,000.
n June 21, Travis Jordan Staggs, 25, Williston, disorderly intoxication. Bond $500.
n June 19, Jessica Strowbridge, 30, Williston, robbery with firearm. Bond $50,000.
n June 18, Joseph Ward, 37, Old Town, FTA.
n June 21, Charles Ronald Waters, 52, Dunnellon, dealing in stolen property. Bond $15,000.