Setting the record straight

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By The Staff

It has now become necessary that I make this statement concerning my decision to terminate Mrs. Mary Golding. My hope was that this situation would not have to be aired out in the media, for the sake of how this situation can damage the reputations of myself, the office, and Mrs. Golding. I myself have worked hard over the past years to be involved in the community and to lead a life that I hope will draw honor and glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because he is Worthy.

By law I do not have to give a reason for termination of any employee and in this particular situation I have chosen not to respond other than exactly what I told Mrs. Golding, and that was that I did not have confidence or trust in her.

I regret that Mr. Carnegie and Mr. Sanders, as representatives of the NAACP, have chosen to have a press conference and make statements that are absolutely false and slanderous. These actions on their behalf have placed a cloud over my reputation with some of the youth in Chiefland community that I do sincerely have much love for. But this to will pass and I will continue to serve and love because this is what my Lord has commanded me to do.

I must make it clear to the citizens of Levy County that I in no way ever made statements or promises to anyone that I was going to fire Mrs. Golding or anyone else. I felt that to do such a thing as that would be inappropriate and against my character, and that was my response each and every time that the subject was brought up to me.

My actions were not in any way political and most definitely were not racial. I do not have a racially prejudice bone in my body. I believe in equal opportunity for all people. The bible says that God made man in his image and also that God loves us all so very much that he sent his son to die for our sins. It does not distinguish us by our skin color, but does say that “Who so ever will believe shall be saved.”

In closing, I say thank you again for the opportunity to serve you. Please keep an open mind and heart and know best for the people of Levy County.

God Bless