School grades released by the state

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By The Staff

Grades for 2013 Levy County elementary and stand alone middle schools were released on Friday.

But combination schools like Bronson Middle/High School and the county's stand alone high schools, including Cedar Key High School, Chiefland High School and Williston High School, are waiting on their grades.

The results: 

• Chiefland — the Middle School moved from an A grade in 2012 to a B in 2013, while the elementary school went from a C in 2012 to a D in 2013;

• Whispering Winds Charter School held at a C in 2012 and 2013,

• Nature Coast Middle school was a D, dropping from a C in 2012,

• Williston — the Middle School went from an A in 2012 to a B in 2013, and the Elementary School held at a C both years,

• Bronson Elementary hed at a C for both years, and

• Yankeetown School went from a B in 2012 to a C.


 After considering input from education leaders around the state and recommendations from the State Board of Education, Florida Department of Education Commissioner Tony Bennett today announced 2012-13 preliminary school grades for elementary and middle schools, according to a press release issued Friday by the state Department of Education. 

Based on preliminary grades, statewide, the number of “A” schools dropped from 48 percent to 29 percent while the number of “F” schools increased from 2 percent to 4 percent.

Earlier this month, the State Board of Education took action to ensure stability and fairness in Florida’s school grading system. Bennett and the department can focus on recognizing Florida’s highest performing schools and provide assistance to help lower-performing schools as the state prepares for the transition to Common Core State Standards.

Some changes approved by the State Board of Education in 2012 were applied to this year’s calculation of school grades for the first time. Those changes are detailed online at schoolgrades.fldoe.org

The result is stability during the transition to Common Core State Standards in 2014-15, maintaining high standards and increasing opportunities for the department to assist schools most in need of assistance.