School district changes ‘Resignation’ category after contract non-renewals

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By Kellie Parkin

The School Board Consent Agenda has been changed to more accurately reflect school district personnel changes. It now states “Employment Status Changes” instead of “Resignations.”

The change came after the last board meeting two weeks ago when more than seventy members of the public attended to protest the dismissal of 21 veteran teachers because of budgetary cuts.

During the April 7 meeting, questions arose regarding the Consent Agenda’s language.

“I did not resign as the board agenda says,” CHS teacher Don Stewart told the School Board. Stewart received a letter in March notifying him that his annual contract would not be renewed for the 2009-10 school year.

The question was posed the Board as to why some of the 21 teachers who received non-renewal letters were listed under “Resignations” on the Consent Agenda, even though it was not their choice to resign. Director of Personnel Candy Dean told the Board and the public that she would need to research the answer.

Following the meeting, Dean provided an explanation for the resignation grouping. “It’s not a termination, so it fell into the resignation category.”

School Board Attorney Sheree Lancaster said that the reason only some of the 21 teachers appeared on the Consent Agenda and not the others is because of their retirement status. “It had to go to the Board to let them know that (they’re) exiting DROP.”

Lancaster said that it would better suit the board and district to create a new category that was more representative of employment changes. The revised language went was used for the first time at the meeting two weeks ago.