Says park managers were the best

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I would like to comment on the recent termination of Sharon and John McVickers as the park managers at Shell Mound.

As a “VOTING” county citizen who uses this recreation area on a regular basis, I can testify that while under the McVickers’ care, the campsite was one of the cleanest, best run county parks that I have had the privilege of camping in.

I’d venture to say that if the county commissioner who was responsible for this termination had taken the time to check with some of the paying campers, especially the Levy County Citizen campers who utilize this facility, they would have had a hard time finding grounds for termination.

It is a shame that someone who doesn’t live in the county and was not a paying customer can have enough political clout to stand up and tell the park manager “I’ll have your job” and within 48 hours make that a reality.

Danny Miller