Save our Wednesday nights (and our youth)

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Dear Tri-County Area Citizens,
Through the years, our communities have maintained the long-time tradition of reserving Wednesday nights for purposes of faith. This has been particularly helpful with respect to our youth. Local churches of all denominations have taken this opportunity to instill values of virtue and service in the lives of our young people. These core values are the underpinnings of wholesome family lives and harmonious communities. The tradition has served us well.
Unfortunately, the sacred trust we share for the welfare of our youth has met with increasing scheduling challenges in recent years. We find non-religious activities of various types scheduled more and more in conflict with faith-based activities on Wednesday evening. This places our young people in an awkward position of having to decide between faith and other interests. While we understand the many demands on our time and the time of our youth, we believe it is in our mutual interest to maintain our community standard of open Wednesday nights. Other pursuits, however worthwhile they may seem, must not be allowed to supplant institutions that are ultimately of greater value.
We respectfully ask you to consider this and help us encourage organizations of all types to keep Wednesday nights free for church activities.
Thank you,

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Chiefland Ward
Owen Baynard, Bishop
Tom Reitz, 1st Counselor
James Woodham, 2nd Counselor