Runaway boy causes schools to lockdown in Bronson

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By Jeff M. Hardison

BRONSON -- A 15-year-old Bronson High School student ran away from home early on the morning of Nov. 8 and he took weapons from the residence, according to Lt. Evan Sullivan, public information officer with the Levy County Sheriff's Office.

Although there were no threats to students or school faculty, the LCSO placed all Bronson schools in a state of "lockdown."

When a school is placed in this condition, Assistant Superintendent of Schools Jeff Davis said, the students are kept in classrooms. They remain in their classrooms and bells do not sound to signify a change of class. When the "all clear" is given, the school day resumes, Davis said. Each principal decides how to work with the loss of time, Davis said, but usually the students continue their day as it would normally run.

For instance, if a student was in "lockdown" at first period and the "all clear" was not given until third period, the student would miss their second period class for the day.

The LCSO increased the presence deputies at all Bronson schools until the incident was resolved, Sullivan said.

At about 10 a.m., the LCSO recovered all of the missing weapons in Alachua County and that is when the lockdown at the Bronson schools was lifted.

LCSO Lt. Scott Anderson, Lt. Sean Mullis and Lt. Sullivan found the runaway boy in the Bronson area at approximately 1:25 p.m. He was taken to LCSO headquarters, where he was released to his parents. No criminal charges were filed against him, Sullivan said.