A reply to Fuller's letter

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In reply to Ginger Fuller's letter of last week ...
I am the first one to admit I know nothing about sports — love the kids but sports is not my cup of tea! But I have been around long enough to see and know the impact they make on our kids. I know a little about families and those without. I know a lot about relationships and "needing to belong."
I know first-hand about compassion when life hurts! I know that there are kids out there that get no encouragement at home, or direction for that matter.
That they have basic needs, a need to be acknowledged as a person, and someone with feelings and real issues in life, a place to belong.
We might not ever go to State with a football team again — we might! — but one thing for sure — "When our coaches go out to practice and give of their hearts to the real needs of our kids — we are all winners!"
I see that in Coach O'Neal as he struggles one day at a time to be an impact that reaches far past football season.
Thanks Ginger for having the courage to put your convictions on paper.
Karen Wasson