Remember what Memorial Day is about

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By The Staff

Over the last decades, scores of men and women have fought and died in wars to preserve the ideals and beliefs we hold most dear. Many of the ones who paid the ultimate price for those ideals were youths barely in the bloom of adulthood. The crowded cemeteries bedecked with white crosses bear mute witness to their supreme sacrifice.

During peace time, it is easy to forget those gallant soldiers who unselfishly gave all for the freedoms we here today so often take for granted. The gratitude owed them somehow becomes lost in the shuffle of day-to-day living and the cushioning passage of time.

However, in times such as these, when a war wages hotly, the sacrifice and bravery of our warriors overseas is brought home on the television news, in the headlines of newspapers and sometimes, sadly, in flag-draped coffins.

Memorial Day is a time to remember and pay tribute to our courageous combatants-not only by those with families left behind, but by everyone who shares in the freedoms of America.

On this Memorial Day, take time to remember and say a prayer and a thank you for those who did not come home, and also for those who continue to wage the battle.

It's a debt we can never repay.