Relay Walkers do it for all of us

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By The Staff

Take a look around you. Count three people. Stand back. Think. Statistically one of these three people will contract cancer. One of those three could be you.

And scarier still is that some 1,500 people die from cancer each day.

This Friday night at Chiefland High School, people dedicated to eliminating cancer and finding cures will come together to celebrate a year of fund-raising.

But the work doesn't stop there.

As soon as one Relay is over, plans for the next year begin. The fund-raising continues without ceasing just like the disease that continues to ravage our land.

If cancer has not pervaded your family, your friends, your workplace, be thankful.

But if it has, if anyone you know has battled or is battling cancer, come to the Relay for Life Friday night and support their battle or celebrate their victory.

Encourage them by your voice. Believe in the American Cancer Society with your donations. Support them with your presence.

Statistically speaking, you could be the one next year who needs the support.