Quilt show in time for Thanksgiving

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By The Staff

The Levy County Quilt Museum will hold its 26th annual quilt show starting on Nov. 26.

Winnelle Horne, the museums director and co-founder, said the event would run for 10 days and feature over 100 quilts made by the Log Cabin Quilters. About 2/3 of the quilts are hand made, and people wishing to purchase a quilt can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to several hundred dollars.

There’s no charge to attend the show, she said, and food will be available. The last Saturday of the event, Dec. 5, will have music and a chicken and dumpling dinner.

Horne said about 400 people showed up at last year’s event.

Although Log Cabin Quilters was formed in 1983, the museum itself was started in 1996 and was completed four years later in 2000, according to Horne.

“We have the first and only quilt museum in Florida,” she said.

Much of the museum’s construction came from the work of young men at Lancaster Correctional, she said.  The museum is about 5,000 square feet and not only serves as a place to exhibit quilts but also functions as a place for the 40 or so Log Cabin Quilters to meet and practice their art.

When asked about the value in quilt making, Horne said,“ Every stitch of a quilt is a problem, and when you’re done, there are no more problems. You could be troubled and worried, sit down and all your troubles go into that quilt.  And then you feel better.  It’s very peaceful, it’s very restful, and it’s good therapy.”

The museum is located at 11050 N.W. 10th Ave. between Chiefland and Bronson.  Winnelle Horne can be contacted at 352-493-2801.