Public safety participates in competition

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Levy County Department of Public Safety members volunteered their own time to compete in the 2nd Annual Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Competition at the 2014 Fire Rescue East Conference in Daytona Beach Jan. 23. Each team consisted of a four-person group with one additional officer for “command and control.” In the scenario, a two-person team is responsible for searching, assessing and packaging the downed firefighter. 


The goal for this competition is to allow teams to show the skills needed — under a graded and timed format — for a timely intervention of a downed firefighter. The skills applied are used on fire grounds across the Country. This competition is designed to go back to the basic skills of the individual firefighter along with the basic tools needed to rescue one of their own.  


If you are interested in learning these life saving skills or volunteering contact: Levy County Department of Public Safety at 352-486-5209.