This president needs our prayers to find the right path

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By The Staff

Dear Mr. President Obama,

You have attained an honor very few men of all time even dreamed of and for that reason, you deserve a tremendous amount of credit. As president, your responsibilities must be overwhelming--what an awesome role for any leader.

Before voting, I try to stay informed of each candidate’s views, especially ones pertaining to their concept of the Bible, which our forefathers often quoted. Therefore, when I learned that you condone the use of abortion, support agendas of the homosexual community, favor removing religious traditions from the public arena, I could NOT in good conscience vote for you. However, when you won the election, I prayed that some of my fears were unfounded and that your promise to seek the advice of learned conservatives in congress would prove to represent those of us who disagree with you on many issues. Wrong! The one promise you have kept is the promise for CHANGE; fast, furious and frightening!

 Growing up I was taught: “Birds of a feather flock together” and “We are judged by the company we keep.” If that is true, then the advisors you surround yourself with tell a sad story for this nation.

The more I hear and read about their backgrounds & goals for America, the more alarmed I become. The plans you have in place to use classrooms to indoctrinate our children to your way of thinking smacks of foreign leaders of the past and those memories are NOT good. Government control in all areas of life does NOT appeal to the general populace. Do we really want a society of parasites? Isn’t this the "land of the free?"

Criticism is rarely welcomed by any of us, so I know this letter will not be appreciated, but please know it is written prayerfully, out of love for the people of America and with concern for our future generations. May God bless you and the men and women we’ve sent to Washington to represent us. Wise men of the ages have sought God’s will. Without Him, all our efforts will ultimately fail. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Shirley Wade