Praise for care

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Dear Jerry (Administrator of the Tri-County Hospital of Williston),
I met you last Thursday when I was leaving Tri-County Hospital after a three-day stay. Please allow me the opportunity to brag on these members of the hospital staff who were responsible for the positive experience I had during my recent stay in your health care facility in my hometown of Williston.
I came to the emergency room on March 28, around 7 p.m. with some symptoms I had self-diagnosed, planning to pick up a quick prescription and get to Walgreen’s before the pharmacy closed. Not so quick! Marie, Jason and Mike in the ER worked me in as quickly as possible with Kathy’s help in the admitting office. (After all, there was someone with heart issues, and they took her first as they should, as well as a couple of folks who arrived before me.) The gentleman in the lab (whose name I didn’t get) took my blood. The diagnosis: an infection which would need IV antibiotics as per Dr. Dale Block’s recommendation. This would happen in the hospital.
Once I was escorted to my room, my hubby, Jim, headed home to pick up my necessary toiletries. Betsey, Patty and Lucy worked swiftly to get me settled, including the installation of the IV that would deliver the antibiotics to fight my infection. The next morning, Dr. Block and his physician’s assistant arrived – early – telling me what the blood work revealed. Such a professional pair. And how fortunate we are here in Williston to have such an experienced, caring soul as Dr. Block.
Next, I was treated to your hospital food. Renee, Annie, and Shenita brought varied menus of well-prepared, well-seasoned food every day. (I had a regular diet.) Dietician Jean even delivered my meal one day. Then, each day Carolyn and Carla cleaned my room.
On the successive days, my nurses – Craig, Rose, Brittany, Cathy, Chris, and Allison – checked on me, always providing excellent care that would rival that of any area hospitals. Joyce had even warmed the KY jelly when she performed the prescribed sonogram. And Brittany jumped to when Rose requested an EKG. On Thursday morning, a young lady from the lab took the final vial of blood to determine if the antibiotics had worked. Dr. Block then stopped by to confirm that-- Woo-hoo! --I was going home. Cathy stopped by to tell me my paperwork was ready, and I headed out the front door at 9:30 a.m.
Thankfully, Jerry, you seem to be on the right track to restoring the hospital to the way it was back in the 60s.  I pray that our hospital here in Williston makes it for the sake of our citizens and all those in the area who will benefit from your quick and immediate – and compassionate – care. And I know the hospital will make it because your people – and you – care about us. Thank you.
Lisa Statham Posteraro,