Post office working on ballot problem

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Supervisor's office says nothing new done

By Lou Elliott Jones, Editor


The envelopes being used by the Supervisor of Elections Office for absentee ballots are the same as those used in the past, but a glitch at the Post Office has them coming back to voters instead of reaching the Supervisor's office.

A label on the back of the envelope with the voter's address, used by elections workers to identify the ballot as being received, is being read by postal sorting machines instead of the supervisor's address on the front of the envelope. 

The problem came to light last week, according to one person whose ballot was returned and a postal employee. 

Deputy Supervisor of Elections Tammy Jones said the envelopes and labels are the same used for decades by the office. She said the Post Office is on alert and working to get ballots to the Supervisor's Office on time. Jones has been working on the issue as Supervisor of Elections Connie Asbell is on leave due to the death of her mother.

In the meantime, if a voter's ballot is returned, Jones said to give it back to the carrier or take it to the Post Office where it will be forwarded without any extra charge. Or voters can drop it off in the blue mailbox outside the supervisor's officeson. 

On Friday, a postal official said the agency was aware of the problem and the working with the Gainesville and Jacksonville postal centers to solve the issue. 

Also, voters are reminded that it takes 65 cents to mail in absentee ballots due to the lengthy number of amendments and candidates on the ballot.