Pony up another $15 for that traffic ticket

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By Lou Elliott Jones, Editor

Watch your speed, make sure the kids are restrained and buckle up your seatbelt because it will cost another $15 to pay your traffic ticket.

The Levy County Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday gave second and final approval to an ordinance slapping a $15 court building fee on “non-criminal traffic infractions.”

The new fee was approved by the Legislature in its session earlier this year.

Clerk of Court Danny Shipp said in July that 8,000 tickets are issued annually in Levy County and the new fee could raise about $120,000.

While a judge can waive any of the fees on a ticket, Shipp said the person cited must go before a judge to request the waiver. “I wouldn’t say they waive them a lot since very few people contest them.”

The increase in the court building fee from $15 to $30 comes on top of Shipp's announcement in July that most ticket fees went up by $22.50 because of the Legislature's actions.

The money goes to a fund for the Levy County Court that is administered by Court Administrator Jan Chesser and the circuit judges who work in Levy County courts.

The costs of tickets, including the new fee are:

20-29 miles over the speed limit, $278, in a school zone $285, in a construction zone, $453, in a construction and school zone, $460.

Not wearing a seat belt, $113.

Not having a child restraint, $163, in a school zone, $170.

Failing to move over for emergency, police vehicles, $163.

Failing to stop for a school bus, $203.

Failing to stop at a traffic signal, $228.