Police: woman beat several residents with chair leg

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By The Staff

Chiefland Police are still looking for a woman they believe to have been involved in a scuffle Sunday night that left several people battered and bruised.
According to a CPD incident report, Vickie Donald, 40, of Chiefland, pulled in to Prairie Oaks Apartments Sunday night enraged over allegations that her daughter had been beaten in a fight earlier that day by someone living in the apartment complex.
At about 10:30 p.m., Donald got out of her car, according to witness statements in the report, and began yelling and swinging what appeared to be a wooden chair leg in the air.
Donald then hit 20-year-old Shavantai Powell, of Gainesville, in the back with the weapon, sending the woman to the ground. Two bystanders went to Powell's aid, according to the report. Both were hit in the head with the chair leg.
Mothers of the alleged victims said Donald then pulled a box cutter from her bra and began swinging it wildly in an attempt to cut Powell.
Donald, who fled before police arrived, is sought on three counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
Earlier that evening in the same apartment complex, two others were arrested for obstruction after CPD Officers responded to a large fight, which, though unclear in the report, may or may not be the source of Donald's alleged aggression.
According to the report, CPD officers arrived a few minutes before 8 p.m. to find a crowd of about 30 people "in heated opposition." One officer, Ken Hutson, began to separate individuals in an attempt to identify aggressors, the report stated. The officer saw a man and a woman "assuming aggressive postures toward each other." Hutson grabbed the man by the arm in an effort to detain him, though the man soon escaped when 19-year-old Gary Kent Washington, of Chiefland, wedged himself between Hutson and the other man, screaming "Let him go!" at Hutson, according to the report. Washington was arrested for resisting arrest and obstructing an officer.
While Hutson was dealing with Washington, Officer Alton Horne was concentrating his efforts on 20-year-old Arkimma Thompson, also of Chiefland, who was screaming at another woman across the parking lot, the report stated.
Horne asked Thompson to stop screaming and go home. Instead, she took off her jewelry and shoes and began heading in the direction of Officer Hutson. Thompson, like Washington, was arrested for resisting arrest and obstructing an officer. Both were taken to the Levy County Jail.
Tuesday, CPD Maj. Al Graves said it's becoming more and more common for large fights to occur in neighborhoods.
"I't no longer a one-on-one thing," Graves said. "It's certainly not uncommon."
Graves said CPD believes the incident started as an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend in the apartment complex.