Police officer got to the matter

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By The Staff

Editor:s Note: This letter was directed to the Police Chief, Mayor, City Commissioners, and the Chiefland Citizen.

To the editor:

I am writing to express my gratitude for the fine job that officer Nick Viaggio and police staff of Chiefland did in coming to the aid of our hotel Holiday Inn Express. On numerous occasions the City of Chiefland Police Department has come to assist us in ensuring the safety of the guests visiting our great city.

Most recently on March 23 we had guests check in at the Holiday Inn Express who stayed until March 31. Upon their departure we had noticed the room was severely destroyed from our mattresses, to the furniture, to the walls. We reported the destruction to the city of Chiefland Police Department. Officer Nick Viaggio immediately took action and had our case resolved within two days. He was quickly able to locate the party that had caused all of the damage and destruction, took action and ensured that they paid for the damages. He helped us recover the funds for replacing the destroyed items and repairing the room.

The City of Chiefland Police Department always takes the time to talk with citizens and businesses and to advise us regarding what steps need to be taken to make things safer for the community and our city. They truly go out of their way to ensure the safety of our community and our local businesses.

We at Holiday Inn Express are proud of Officer Nick Viaggio and commend him for his work ethics, extraordinary skills and efforts to resolve problems in speedy manner. Thank you, Officer Nick Viaggio. I respectfully and highly recommend and hope that the city of Chiefland could provide this fine officer with a citation for excellent service that he provides to all the citizens of Chiefland.

Jagdish (Jay) Patel

General Manager

Holiday Inn Express Chiefland