Pet adoption not a matter of age

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I was horrified to read that the Rescue Hearts Animal Shelter in Port Charlotte turned down a person from adopting two Chihuahuas due to his age.  I suppose this non-profit animal shelter also refuses to let hispanics, blacks, foreigners or person over 30 adopt an animal while they are euthanizing hundreds of animals yearly due to lack of adoptions.  This is clearly discrimination.  Many seniors 65-100 years old do better than young people.  Plus, the retiree is home 24/7 to care for their animals, and most probably let them enjoy living in the home.  Let’s judge a person’s ability to adopt on their mobility, mental state and general overall health, not on age.  There are millions of elderly people caring for their pets every day and doing well.  Phil Snyder, executive director of the Sun coast Humane Society in Englewood, should rethink and consider recommending that a blanket policy to discriminate due to age is “illegal”.  Everyone should remember this non-profit animal shelter name and stop giving any financial support.
Phillip Bohr,