Person(s) of the Week

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Sometimes you don’t realize just how much a person did until they are no longer there.

This week’s person of the week is just such a person, or should I say, just such people. Our people of the week are Charlotte and Jimmy Dunford.

The Dunfords are just what you would want in people of the week. They are hard working, fun loving, decent people. They are loving parents and grandparents, they support young people, are active in the local AMVETS, and are always willing to lend a helping hand anywhere they can.

Jimmy is a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard and Charlotte, a survivor of cancer, is a strong proponent of cancer research and awareness. Jimmy was the longtime public works director for the Town of Bronson and Charlotte has been the assistant manager of the Bronson Elementary School cafeteria for years. Jimmy always did his best to make sure things got done in town and Charlotte did her best to make sure no child went hungry at school.

Though not originally from here, they quickly made Bronson their home and became an important part of the community. I often joked with Jimmy if he kept going we might have to rename the town “Dunfordville.”

Honestly, I am a little embarrassed it has taken me this long to recognize them. You see, like many others, I took for granted the little things they did, assuming they would always be here. I didn’t stop to think about it until I saw that Charlotte was retiring from her work at the school.

Then I noticed, the American flags, Jimmy took great pride in putting up, that lined US Alt 27 in town for Memorial Day were not in place.

It hit me, some people who really made a difference were leaving. You see Jimmy no longer works for the town and his job is not in the area. Charlotte, naturally, wants to be with her husband. They will soon be moving away from our town.

Their impact on so many lives, will endure long after they move away. The friendships they made will last a lifetime and they will remain in touch, but somehow it won’t be the same. Two smiling faces, two kind, generous people will no longer be around and that makes me a little sad.

I have said it before, people come and go in our lives, we are blessed by them. I was truly blessed by having them in my life for a brief time. We will miss you.

Our people of the week, Charlotte and Jimmy Dunford.

― By Cameron Asbell, Cameron Asbell Insurance Agency, Bronson