Patsy Sheppard wins CWGA Handicap Tournament title

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By Marialle Leonard

The Chiefland Women’s Golf Association hosted a five week tournament, beginning on October 31st.  This is a double elimination format of Match Play golf, where the contestants use their handicaps to equalize the matches.  Every player gets to lose two matches before being eliminated. 

Linda Buchanan did not lose a match until the last week.  She had defeated Patsy Sheppard in a match early in the duration of the tournament, sending Sheppard into the lower bracket.  She then defeated Barbara Currence in a close battle to earn the right to play against Buchanan again. 

On November 28, 2012, Sheppard and Buchanan played their match to determine the championship.  Sheppard managed to win this match but that was not the end of the tournament.  Since Buchanan had never lost a match before this day, she and Patsy had to meet again on November 30th to decide the overall winner. 

The final match was tied after the first nine holes.   Buchanan then won three holes in a row to start off the back nine.  Sheppard turned on the after burners and won the next five holes to become our new handicap champion for the year.

She was awarded the parking spot that goes to this tournament winner.