Pastor RV Brown inspires Chiefland football team

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The Chiefland Indians football team had their stomachs and spirits filled at their weekly Champion’s Dinner last Thursday. The team was treated to dinner provided by the Chiefland Quarterback Club. 

Following the meal, the team and their coaches listened to an inspirational talk from Pastor RV Brown. The Chiefland Quarterback Club asked Brown, an ordained minister from Tampa and former football standout from South Carolina State University, to provide the team with his unique and inspirational message.

Brown explained how he had been the 16th of a 17-child family growing up in rural South Carolina. He told them he wanted to play football in college so much he built his 160-pound frame up to 210 pounds and waited in front of the football coaches’ door each day until he was given a tryout and a scholarship.

Pastor Brown impressed on the boys good nutrition and staying tobacco and drug free. He caused quite a stir in the room when he flexed massive 24 inch biceps and loudly said, “This is collard greens and corn bread boys, it’s not steroids!” 

Pastor Brown pointed out to the team that they were young. Many key positions on teams are filled by freshmen, including the quarterback slot. He let them know  they were the foundation of an excellent team of the future. 

Brown spoke to the seniors on the team with the zeal of an evangelist on the importance of leadership.  He explained to them that the younger boys looked up to them and that they were an even greater influence on them than the coaches.

Rounding out the evening, Brown led the team in a unification ceremony. Brown had the team form a large U shape with the senior members to the front. He handed each of the seniors a handful of chain links and instructed them to hand one to each of their fellow teammates, telling them, “We are linked."

Then it was the seniors turn, placing a handful of links in the hand of team captain Jamantye Thomas, who then distributed them among the remaining senior players. Pastor Brown told them that they were to take their responsibility to heart and display it each day. Individual members of the Chiefland Quarterback Club purchased autographed copies of Pastor Brown’s book “Step up to the Plate, Dad," a reminder of his inspiring words for everyone in attendance. 

For more information on Pastor Brown, visit www.rvbrown.com