Participants sought in Summer Food program

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Operating under the auspices of the School Board of Levy County, the Food, Nutrition and Wellness Program will once again be sponsoring a Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) for children in Levy County – age 18 and under.  

The SFSP reaches only a fraction of the children in need as there is limited access due to insufficient feeding sites.  Feeding sites are the physical locations where lunch is served. Each site location must work with an SFSP sponsor (the School Board of Levy County) who is financially and administratively responsible for the meal service at the feeding sites. 

Your community building or place of faith could become a designated feeding site. You can also help by coordinating site participation with other youth activity programs in your area.  Through a brief application process, summer feed sites can feed children throughout the community such as schools, parks and recreation programs, low-income housing complexes, or community parks and pools – essentially any place children gather during the summer months. 

If your daycare, community program, or place of faith is interested in participating, please contact Becky Tyson, Coordinator of Food, Nutrition and Wellness, at 352-486-5244.  A mandatory meeting will be scheduled for all SFSP participants prior to the start of the program to review policies and procedures and provide any other information that will make your SFSP a success.

Deadline for Application:  Monday, May 13.  


Following is a brief overview of the 2013 SFSP:  

• The SFSP is a federal nutrition program that local non-profits and schools use to make sure kids in their communities don’t go hungry during the summer.

• SFSP sites serve nutritionally balanced meals that meet USDA guidelines. All lunches include: 

1 serving of milk

2 servings of fruits and/or vegetables

1 serving of grains

1 serving of protein

• The School Board of Levy County will be operating feeding sites throughout Levy County at various locations, dates, and times beginning June 10 through August 2.  

• Summer feeding sites can either operate as “open” or “enrolled” sites. An “open” site is one located in a low-income area where at least 50 percent of the children are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals. The site is then open to all children in the community ages 18 and under. At an “enrolled” site, only children enrolled in the SFSP can participate. The site qualifies if it is located in a low-income area or if 50 percent or more of the children enrolled in the program are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals. 

• Summer camps (both residential and non-residential) and summer food sites that serve primarily migrant children can also participate in the summer food program. They operate similarly to an enrolled site but have slightly different rules. 

• Unlike the requirements for the afterschool snack program, summer food sites do not need to provide enrichment or educational activities. Children can simply gather at a school, park or other community site to eat their meal without any type of programming taking place at the site. However, if you are able, providing some type of activity is recommended, because activities (even for 30-60 minutes) do attract more children to the site and allow them to stay active throughout the summer. 

• No application is necessary and any child 18 or younger can simply come during meal times to receive a meal.  Meals cannot be removed and must be eaten at the program site.  As the program sponsor, the School Board of Levy County requires an adult or responsible teen accompany children during the meal time at school locations as there is not sufficient staff to handle additional children who may not be a part of the school’s regular activity program. 

• There is no cost to participate in the SFSP.  The USDA requires that meals be served at no charge to the children. However, the site may have a fee set for the activity program they provide.