OUR VIEW: Commissioners want to get their message out

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We offer them a place to do it

It's long been handy for politicians to say the news media distorts and spins its reporting on them.
So the Chiefland Citizen is taking them up on the challenge.
In Monday's Board of County Commissioners budget workshop the four members were told they could submit columns on this year's vexing budget problems — including the possibility of higher assessments, higher property taxes, furloughs or cuts in hours for county workers or cuts in hours and services.
These are all worthy topics for debate.
Only one commissioner has ever taken the opportunity to speak unfiltered to the public on the Citizen editorial pages.
She is the first one to accept this latest offer. We commend Marsha Drew for doing so.
We can only wonder if the boys will do the same.
Try to keep it under 1,000 words guys.