Operation Bronson Ink nets drug arrests

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More arrests, charges to come

By The Staff

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force (DTF) has announced the arrests of 19 people with more expected in a six-month investigation of street level drug sales dubbed Bronson Ink, according to a Sheriff's Office press release.

The Bronson area investigation utilized confidential informants to make 68 cases resulting in 148 charges for 30 defendants. Informants purchased a myriad of narcotics such as crack and powder cocaine, prescription medications including oxycodone, marijuana, Molly (Ecstasy)  and one firearm.

The DTF concluded their investigation on Aug. 21, and with a slow and steady pace began arresting the suspects, picking them off one by one.

Deputies have arrested 21 suspects thus far. The remaining few have pending warrants for their arrest.

Sheriff Bobby McCallum praised investigators and deputies and said he could not be more proud of his men and women who undertake the task of enforcing drug laws and seeking violators who sell illegal narcotics. He said they endure working late nights and long hours to make the cases.