One of these days

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By Claude Lewis

One of these days, I'm going to write something nice about football officials.

Sorry, this isn't that day.

Watching the NFL game between the Jaguars and Titans on Sunday, I clearly saw Maurice Jones-Drew scamper into the end zone on a run.

Incredibly, the refs on the field wanted to spot the ball on the 1.

The replay clearly showed the score, so Jags coach Jack DelRio challenged.

Even more incredibly, the call on the field was upheld.

Which brings me to another point.

Why does the NFL employ replay officials in every stadium, anyway?

The league could save a ton of money by having one national replay center ala the NHL.

In these tough times, everyone wants to save money, right? To waste money is irresponsible management.

Here's the plan - have a few replay officials in just one site - for example Washington - looking at all the challenges.

The NHL does this with officials stationed in Toronto. All replays go through them. It seems to work pretty well.

It would save the NFL dozens of paychecks handed out to guys who can't seem to get it right, anyhow.

Might as well just one bunch blowing the calls in one site, instead of a bunch of guys blowing calls over the map.

_ _ _

While I'm on the topic football officiating, I might as well keep going and air out more injustice.

The officiating crew at Friday night's Chiefland at Dixie County high school game came up with a number of "go figure" calls.

Of course, going in Chiefland knew it would be whistled for more infractions, and the crew complied. The Indians had 15 penalties good for 138 yards while Dixie had just six for 70.

The huge head referee appeared to have trouble keeping up with the action. One time, he was dumped on his keister because he couldn't get out of the way.

But it was a few other mind-bogglers that drove Indian fans bonkers. They were just happy to get out of Dodge with a win.

_ _ _

C. Doyle McCall Field and Wayne Pridgeon Memorial Stadium will most certainly be a busy place this Friday night.

Not only is there two county rivals butting heads, but both Chiefland and Williston have excellent teams this season.

Williston is coming off a romp over P.K. Yonge. Chiefland showed a lot of guts and character in a rare win at Dixie County.

Chiefland will have its hands full trying to tackle slippery back Travis Evans, who romped for a whopping 285 yards last Friday.

Of course, the likes of Tommy Sheffield and Stephen Davis plan to give the Red Devil "D" the fits.

The fences will be lined.

Game faces on. Play ball!

Claude Lewis is the sports editor of the Chiefland Citizen. His column is found regularly each week in Section B of this newspaper. Reach him at sports@chieflandcitizen.com.