One step at a time

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By Louis Abel

 "...so he led them through the depths...And he saved them...."  Psalm  106:9,10
The story is told of a ship that was grounded in the shallows during a storm.  It was night, and fearing the vessel would be broken apart by the rough seas, it was decided that the passengers should try to make it to land.  One passenger who was in this tough situation wrote, "The waves were rolling heavily, and I was frightened at the thought of attempting to make it to shore, when a man came to me saying, 'Don't be afraid, I'll take care of you.' He had with him a rather peculiarly shaped lantern from which only a single ray of brilliant light was emitted. 'Take my hand,' he said, 'and hold tight. Don't look around you from side to side, but concentrate on the small spot which will be illuminated. Be sure to place your footsteps firmly there, from step to step.' Following his advice and holding tightly to his strong hand, the danger was overcome, and we made the beach in safety. The next day the guide asked me, 'Would you like to see how we came in last night?'  When I said yes, he pointed out a perilous path which snaked its way between a maze of jutting rocks. I knew then that if I had made one wrong step, I would have lost my balance and been swallowed up by the dark waters. However, by holding tight to his hand, and treading just where the light was falling, all danger was averted."
The believer, too, often finds himself tossed about by storms which are difficult to face, and still he has to go forward. It is at such times that he arrives at a new appreciation of the promises made by the Lord to guide and direct him safely through the depths.  If he takes just one step at a time as the Savior lights the way, he will be safe and enjoy true peace and spiritual serenity even in the most difficult circumstances.
Louis Abel is pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Chiefland.