One needs nothing I have

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Outdoor Truths

 It is amazing how many new products come on the market year after year. And when you narrow that new product list down to hunting or fishing supplies, it is even more amazing. It seems to me like there would have to be one year where everybody just ran out of ideas for a new gizmo or gadget and where “new and improved” would just be the same as last year. But each year, someone has a new invention and others have found a way to make what was the best last year, even better. And folks like you and me keep buying it. It seems we just have to find out if it does all that it claims. 

My own addiction started back when I was but a child. I can remember my parents buying me some new sneakers. These were not just any ole’ shoes, they were PF Flyers. They were supposed to make me run faster and jump higher. I can remember lacing those magical motivators up and stepping outside on our little porch. I stood there for a moment to the let the superpowers accumulate and immediately jumped as far out as I could, onto the grass. I exited to the right alongside my house. I raced down the hill, turned right, turned right again, back up the hill, and after one more right I was back on my porch in record breaking time. I was sold on PF Flyers, and I would never be the same. I would now join the ranks of Superman and Spiderman. I would be PF Flyer. I was sixteen at the time….. just kiddin’.

Let’s face it; most hype is just that, hype. There is very little truth in most advertising. I first learned that when I found out that my bowl of Frosted Flakes were vitamin fortified and were part of a healthy breakfast. Those facts alone took away any sugar guilt that I may have had before. There’s a box in my cabinet right now (I love those things). But I’m really not convinced they are part of my healthy diet even if I’m told they are. And what about all of the drug commercials on TV? I can really tell how they hope I never have to use their medicine. That’s why they spend millions of dollars. They’re just looking out for my good. 

There is One, however, that is looking out for me and here’s how I know. First of all, He doesn’t need me or anything I have. And secondly, He showed His true motive by giving His very best for me. His motive was love. Now that’s a sure way to get me to believe. What about you?

Gary Miller can be contacted at gary@outdoortruths.org.