Nosey says ...

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Now is a good time to contact your legislators and tell them what a good job they are doing holding costs down. Their fantastic wisdom predicted seniors would not need a cost of living increase in 2010-2011. After all, the only thing that went up in 2010 was gas, Medicare, food, house insurance, car insurance and medicine. Seniors require a great deal more medication than we did when we were only 45 or 55.
Of course, 2011 is really developing into something special. Let me see, car gas has only gone up about 40 cents this year, and this year is only getting started. With the quiz kids with their crystal ball predicting $5 per gallon by summer, going to the doctor in Gainesville should cost  about $30.
And of course, that old saying, if you got it, a truck brought it. And whatever “it” is, it shouldn't cost much. After all, those big trucks probably get $5 miles per gallon and, of course, diesel is more expensive than gas.
So, a round trip from Gainesville to Levy county shouldn't use more than 20-30 gallons, just over $100, instead of $60 that they're paying now.
And this of course trickles down to everything: the new restaurant menues with the new higher prices, new grocery store prices, drug stores with their new packaging with 7 or 9 ounces or 11 or 13 ounces instead of a what used to be a 16 ounce package or bag. Of course, the public won't notice these changes. And that way the stores can make you think they are holding the price down.
I know there are some out there that think all seniors are senile. But in reality there are an awful lot of really sharp people keeping an eye on what's happening around us.
As the cost of gas goes up, the planting, harvestinga and shipping products to market have got to go up, as well. The cost of paper for labels, metal for cans, glass and plastic for bottles, cloth for clothing, furniture and electronics for radio and TV and phone will also go up. In other words, if you got it, a truck brought it, and the cost has got to go up step by step.
But that's alright, our legislature said we do not need an increase because the cost of living is not going up. This is in spite of the fact that the average monthly Social Security income is 1,168, just $6 below the poverty level of $1,174. If you think I'm upset, you better believe it and so should you be. It may or may not help but we really should let our legislative people know how we feel.
Art Maruna is a senior activist.