Nosey says...

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 For seniors, reality is not always pleasant, and what we may be facing this coming year could be a real disaster.

Ten years ago, the Federal Legislature established a faulty formula for Medicare payments to our doctors.

The belief was if it was not corrected  by Jan. 1, 2011, payments to doctors could be reduced by 25 percent. If losing your doctor upsets you it would be a good idea to phone your federal legislator at 1-800-944-6723 in Washington, D.C., to register your complaint. 

If this wasn’t bad enough, the Florida Senior Medicare Patrol Program tells us that about $68 billion has been lost to fraud nationally, with over 3 million of those Medicare beneficiaries living in Florida. 

You should be very sure to review your Medicare statement with great care. Should you have questions about unfamiliar entries, contact your Florida Fraud Squad at 1-866-352-6677. After all, this is your money and you need to protect it from thieves and those who would misuse the money.

You may also want to call your Federal Legislative representative. Their toll free phone numbers are as follows:

• Richard Nugent 1-866-492-4837

• Cliff Stearns 1-800-888-7743

• Marco Rubio 1-866-630-7106

• Bill Nelson 1-888-671-4091

Or, you can use the numbers in Washington D.C. for anyone not listed here. This includes the snowbirds wintering over in our area.

 Have a happy and successful New Year. 

Art Maruna is a community activist.