Nine honored at Law Appreciation Night

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By Mark Scohier, Staff writer

Judge David A. Glant knows it’s easy to lose touch, to become desensitized in a world where atrocities and the tragedies of life are beamed into our living rooms through a TV screen or computer monitor 24 hours a day.


For the people who put their lives on the line to keep society safe, today’s technology can be both a “blessing and a curse.”

It’s a blessing when police need to call for backup, or when rescue workers need to quickly find a location, but the “curse part is that it has a numbing effect,” he says.

“We get so accustomed to seeing these real-life events … it’s almost like watching another episode of CSI …. We kind of become anesthetized,” forgetting that the people who save lives and keep the streets safe are real people.

But none in the crowd of people who showed up at the Tommy Usher Pineland Center last Thursday night had any trouble remembering how “real” life can be for first responders. About 80 people came out for Law Appreciation Night, an annual event organized by the Chiefland Women’s Club in honor of area law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency services workers.

“We know that the dangers you people face are real … and we want to thank you for all you do,” Glant told the audience.

Nine people were honored at this year’s event, being presented with plaques by representatives from each recipient’s respective agency.

Recipients were:


n Chiefland Police Department, Officer Justin Douglas

n Chiefland Fire Rescue, Colby Perryman

n Levy County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Scott Stancil

n LCSO– Correctional Institute, Correction Officer Lt. Eloise Guyton

n Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Officer Robert Johnson

n Florida Highway Patrol, Trooper John E. Gikas

n Levy County EMS, Gregory “Matt” Brannan 

n Levy County EMS/ Levy County Department of Public Safety, David Florance

n Lancaster Correctional Institute, Officer Kenneth Harrison