New scales coming to landfill

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By Claude Lewis

BRONSON - The outdated weigh scale system at the Levy County Landfill will soon be streamlined, thanks to the approval of a new scale house and unit that will improve safety and improve traffic flow.

The Board of County Commissioners gave the project the green light at Tuesday's meeting at the Courthouse.

The move will give the landfill two sets of scales - one for commercial and the other for the public.

The estimated cost of the new scale house and unit will be in excess of $700,000, according to County Solid Waste Director Benny Jerrels. Peter Brown Construction will be the contractor.

The county commissioners agreed to use $450,000 remaining in a bond issue to go towards the project. The rest of the money will come from the landfill budget.

Board chairman Sammy Yearty said the bond issue money must be spent in a timely fashion to prevent a penalty. Commissioner Tony Parker said the money is set aside for such projects.

Jerrels is happy the project will start soon.

"It will be much safer," he said. "The commercial vehicles will go to the right while the ma's and pa's will go to the new scales on the inside lane."

Jerrels said the improvements are long overdue.

"Our scale house is 23-24 years old," he said. "Our population was 18,000-20,000 then. Now it's doubled."

Jerrells hopes construction on the new scales begins ASAP.

Scott Finnen went before the Board to request initial consideration for operation of a coffee stand inside the Courthouse.

He noted that every day people want to know where's the nearest place to get coffee. He said a stand would be a service to all who frequent the Courthouse.

Chair Sammy Yearty said that the 4H has long had vending machines in the Courthouse and thought it would be best to first consult a representative from the club before going any further.

Finnen said that the coffee stand would not be selling anything available in the vending machines and a percentage from the coffee stand's proceeds could go to 4H.

"We'll put some thought into it," Yearty said.