National Procrastination Week? Really

Pardon me if I do not enthusiastically celebrate National Procrastination Week, which begins Sunday.

I mean it would be in bad taste to put any energy into it.

That could be why Progress Energy Florida is embracing the celebration. The power company put out a press release suggesting we cut our energy use by procrastinating. Take the following tip:

"Did you wear a pair of jeans when you laid on the couch watching college basketball on Saturday?
Don’t wash those jeans yet. There’s pro basketball on Sunday! Wear them again! Running your
washer when full (not overloaded) will maximize the efficiency of your machine. Jeans, sweaters and
towels can often skip a wash or two, cutting down on the overall amount of laundry."

Um, think we can only get away with this at home, especially if any of us has spilled snacks, beer, wine or anything else while rooting for our team. Go out wearing your game menu and you could end up on the "People of Walmart" site.

Honestly, the release had me checking the calendar to make sure it came on March 1, not April 1.

The tongue in cheek suggestions from Progress can be found elsewhere on the Citizen website.

In the meantime, I think I'll put off doing something just to get in the mood for next week.