National Flip-Flop Day is coming, get prepared

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By Lou Elliott Jones, Editor

I know the staff around here will mock me, but I'm excited to report that National Flip-Flop Day is Friday, June 17.
And nooooooo, this is not a day to celebrate politicians who change their minds.
Mind you, I don't wear flips on the job, but come June 17, I will parade around the office in a brand new pedicure and my special fuzzy, fluffy flips. (I crochet 'em myself.)
Or maybe it will be the copper sequined flips. Hmmm, the platform black ones with silver studs? Oh, I saw some beaded ones in a Chiefland store that would be Flip-Flop-Day-appropriate. If I can't decide, I'll just have to put a few in a bag and change 'em by the hour.
Truly, the state shoe of Florida is the flip-flop. I'm just not sure we have officially declared it so. It's time we did. Visit Florida.com, the state's official tourism web site, which says its a practical shoe for Floridians and says it might as well be the official state shoe.
Maybe state Sen. Steve Oelrich, of Alachua (R-District 14) who represents a tad of Levy County, could tack an amendment on his name-the-barking-frog-the-state-amphibian-bill to designate the flip-flop the official state footwear..
I know, the folks who wear Crocs might try declaring their shoe the official shoe but it comes from Colorado. Besides, we have more flippers than Crocers in Florida.
I am not a Croc wearer. Don't even own a pair. The Carnivore is a Croc wearer, but he's also a flipper. He prefers basic $1 flips in black, but they do not come in his ginormous foot size at that price. As for me, I am a dollar flipper and I have the right size feet for them. So I have a variety of flips lurking about.
But back to June 17 and National Flip-Flop Day. Send in a photo of the flips you plan to wear that day. I'll download 'em to our website while getting my pedi.
Speaking of days that celebrate something, here are a few coming up:
D-Day is June 6. In 1944, a lot of men crossed the English Channel and dropped from planes. Many never came back. Let's remember them.
Flag Day is June 14. Celebrate Old Glory by obtaining a new one if yours shows wear and age. Donate the old one to a military group so it can be properly retired.  
Father's Day is June 19. I miss my father and my stepfather. They had the patience of saints to love my mother — and me.  It's also Emancipation Proclamation Day. It was signed on Jan. 1, 1863. In those days, news did not travel fast.
Summer solstice is June 21. This marks the official start of summer.  It's meeting day for the Levy County Commission.
Midsummer Day is June 24. Read a little Shakespeare.
Columnist's Day is June 26. Who said this day was needed?
Lou Elliott Jones is editor of the Chiefland Citizen. She can be contacted at 352-493-4796 or at editor@chieflandcitizen.com. This article first appeared on the Chiefland Citizen web site at www.chieflandcitizen.com.