Motorists should look out for bikers

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Saturday, Sept. 25, around 3 p.m, a man named Bob was killed.
No  big deal, after all he was on a motorcycle. That's how the court system seems to view this useless and not so significant death.
But on Sept. 25 around 3 o'clock our brother and friend Biker Bob was killed in an accident with a 2002 Ford pickup. The man in the pickup went by the auction that was on State Road 26, wanted to get back to it, and made a U-turn in front of Robert J. Carrier. A man is dead, and that's the cold harsh truth.
Bob's headlight was on and Bob was a cautious driver, but something that quick on a motorcycle is hard to avoid.  
And now a man, a father, a husband, a brother and a good friend to a lot of people is gone forever.
After it was over, the ever famous line and well used line, "I just didn't see him."
I guess that covers it all.
Am I the only person out here that's getting sick of hearing that line? "I just didn't see  him." Well how about opening your eyes and paying attention!! With all the dead fathers, sons, brothers and sisters and all the bikers in wheelchairs and confined to bed for life, and with lost arms and legs, isn't it time we all do something to stop this insanity?  
The person driving the pickup probably won't do a day in jail. Probably pay a traffic citation and move on with his life. It will be something simple like failure to yield right of way, or something real brutal like careless driving. So just pay the fine and be a little more careful next time.
But biker Bob won't have a next time, Biker Bob is dead.
It's time to say enough already. You kill a biker, you go to jail. Plain and simple.
I am  not a real intelligent man, and I don't know what I can do to change a bad situation such as this. But I am hoping there are a few people out there with some good ideas that we could come together on and make the courts take a firmer stand on the wrongs that are being committed against bikers.
More and more people are beginning to ride because of economics and the weather, and there will be more deaths unless people are made to account for their actions. I'd like to see prison time where they can sit and think about the life of the person they took.
Biker Bob was on a charity ride for fighting cancer. He, like a whole bunch of others that day were out on our bikes raising money for a worthy cause. And everybody has seen these events going on. Some of you have maybe even benefitted from one of these events. That's what Biker Bob was doing. Not tearing up a town or burning down the highway like a bat out of hell, but just ridin' along helping to donate to a cause.
When and even if this case comes to court, I hope there are some people out there who feel the same as I do and would like to see justice done. Maybe we can put together a run for justice and meet at the court house and let the system know that we are tired of burying our brothers and sisters and it will no longer be tolerated or accepted.
Stephen McWilliams