Methodists begin year-long celebration of 150 years in Chiefland

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   January kicks off a year-long, sesquicentennial celebration of the Methodist Church in Chiefland. In the next several months, the First United Methodist Church will explore the changes that have taken place over the last 150 years and remember the people who have had active parts in making those changes. We are inviting former pastors to preach each month. On Jan., 9, Rev. Gene Zimmerman, pastor of our church from 1954 to 1956, will be bringing the Sunday morning sermon.
   Many people of Levy County will remember Rev. Zimmerman. While here, he led the Boy Scouts and his wife, Emily Ann, kept the youth group very active. For those old enough to remember, he was also a very talented softball pitcher in the church league.
   Following the 10:15 a.m. service, we will have a 1950s-style covered dish dinner (meat loaf provided). This will offer time to greet and reminisce with the Zimmermans.  Everyone is invited to attend and stay for lunch.  
   On Feb. 13, at the10:15 a.m. morning service, we are honoring all the couples who were married in the Methodist church. Please plan to attend if you were one of the couples. Please encourage the attendance of other couples you may know. We would also like a wedding picture by early February. We want to show these wedding pictures to celebrate “the way we were.”   We will scan the picture and return it immediately.  
   Following the Sunday 13th service, we will have a Sweetheart covered dish dinner.  
As we begin our journey back in time, each Sunday morning we will have a “History Moment” to discover things that we didn’t know about our church or to remind us of our past activities.
   For additional information please contact the church at 493- 4627 or Dot Remington at 493-1321.