Matt Geiger

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By The Staff

A couple of weeks ago, my husband I were riding bikes when we stopped at the little store in Gulf Hammock to get water. It's a regular stopping point for us and I was surprised when this Expedition limousine pulled up and a tall ( 7 feet, 1 inch) guy came in for a junk food stop.

I asked him how the weather was up there, and we began having a conversation.

He told me his name, said he had played basketball for the Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers and was now retired.

He was on his way from Tallahassee to Tampa.

He was a pleasure to talk with.

Outside I grabbed my camera and asked if I could take his picture. He said sure and when I got ready to take it, he said I needed to be in it too.

He also agreed to give autographs for my sons. "It would be my pleasure to give you an autograph," he said.

Dawn Souza