Many Stars

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By The Staff

I was raised in Chiefland but when I turned 18 I moved to Los Angeles. I have met several celebrities over the year I have lived here: Pauly Shore, Kevin Nealon, Kimbo Slice (youtube fighter), Pauly (from the Rocky movies), Nia Long, Young Berg (rapper) and I've seen Bruce Willis and Cedric the Entertainer and Anna Farris (from the Scary movies).

Most of the time it's just a simple 'hello' or something to acknowledge them.

But being out here has shown me how simple these people are.

No different from us, they don't like being bombarded with questions and excitement while walking with friends and family or buying food for their families.

I met most of them at food stores and places like that. Others I met while I was attending film school.

I have also filmed on spots where many big movies have been made, Pirates of the Carribean, Back to the Future 1 and 3, and many others on the backlots at Universal Studios Hollywood-all thanks to my school.

Mark Geiger