Man arrested in Williston robbery

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A Williston man has admitted committing the Thursday night armed robbery of a manager at the Grocery Depot supermarket, formerly Hitchcock’s, in Williston, according to a Williston Police Department press release.

Brian Hernandez of Williston was arrested on Friday, Sept. 13, following an investigation and after being advised of his rights confessed to Sgt. James Bond. Hernandez is charged with armed robbery, aggravated battery, aggravated assault and burglary. His bond is $110,000.

Hernandez is accused of hiding in the store bathroom until after closing when he walked to the manager’s office and surprised two employees who were handling the day’s receipts. 

He handed them a bag and indicated they should place the money in the bag. At one point, he grabbed one employee and held the knife to his throat causing the employee to be cut. Once he had the money he fled the store through the front door.

After the confession, Bond continued the investigation recovering more evidence and most of the stolen money.