Mad about garbage

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Don't you agree that the majority of the population appreciates the trailers provided for our recyclables?
To be able to separate items and not make our landfill that much larger seems a real blessing.
Last week, a gentleman was replacing a full trailer, and I mentioned how sad it is that some people use them as garbage recepticles.
He replied,"Yes," pointing to some open garbage bags. "They are full of dirty diapers."
Another time, a man was parked by the trailer and was actually using a shovel to scoop trash into the windows
Why, when our county tries to make it so easy to dispose of our paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, etc.? Will people ruin it for those of us who really appreciate what the county does for us?
Even after a sign was put in place stating there would be a fine for putting trash in, it doesn't seem to have an effect.
Please use this convenience for what it is meant for.
Thank you,
Elaine Padilla