The ‘Crown Jewel’ of Florida’s springs

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By The Staff

If you love and appreciate North Florida’s springs and rivers, particularly the Itchetucknee, you will be rejuvenated by a presentation by local photographer and artist Steven Earl on Thursday, Oct. 22 from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Fort White Community Center in Fort White.

Earl will present images of and reflections on the Itchetucknee Springs and River that he has recently compiled into a book titled "Itchetucknee: Sacred Waters".  

The event hosted by Save Our Suwannee, Inc. is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be provided afterward.

Steven Earl first encountered the Itchetucknee River in 1983, when he canoed its waters. Not long afterward he moved his family to a parcel of land adjacent to Itchetucknee State Park, where he was caretaker for a property that was riddled with karst windows, sinkholes, and other features indicating the intimate relationship of the landscape to the spring and river.

He began working at the park, volunteering for 10 years, finally obtaining a paid temporary position as a park ranger in 1994. He remained until 1996 when he moved to a permanent position at Goldhead State Park. During his time there he also worked with non-profit environmental groups such as Friends of the River to advocate for stronger zoning regulations, and with the Itchetucknee Working Group to help document sinkholes and other conduits to the aquifer and spring system.

During his 12 years living and working near the river, Steven photographed, painted, wrote poetry about, and came to love the river. That love shows in his book of photographs, art, and poetry recently published by the University Press of Florida.

For more information please contact Joseph Prenger, SOS Board Member, at (352) 246-3981.