Long road to hoe for Farmers' Market

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By Lou Elliott Jones, Editor

BRONSON — All Cindy Camp wants to do is help folks in this town who need food get vouchers to buy fresh produce.

But in order to get the vouchers the town must have a farmers’ market where they can be used.

Susan Strickland was helping present the item for Camp at the Feb. 2 Bronson Town Council meeting when they learned no good deed is easily accomplished. She explained that under state Farmers’ Market rules everything sold there must be hand made, home made or home grown by the seller.

“We asking permission to have a farmers market on commercial land,” Strickland said. Her suggested location on the grass in front of Bronson Motel is a sensitive one as the Council recently dealt with regulating yard sale booths and peddlers at that location.

Councilman Berlon Weeks also asked if parking would be a problem at that location, but Strickland said there is adequate parking at the motel. Weeks later suggested the women consider locating it by a mini-storage operation with a nearby field.

Councilman Aaron Edmondson asked if the market would be in the open. “That’s just like a garage sale,” he said. “Don’t you need to have a building?”

“If it’s like Gainesville (Farmers’ Market) there’s a building.”

Edmondson noted that the motel location might pose a problem. “We got a lot of complaints about people setting up in front of the motel.”

City Attorney Ron Warm chimed in asking if the operation was to be a non-profit corporation or some other form of business organization. He said if the organizers comply with the zoning regulations they should get a permit. He said the council should look at the zoning report and that the building inspector should analyze it.

Camp said she was hoping to organize the market as a non-profit operation under the non-profit corporation she has formed for another organization.

Weeks told the women the building official is in Bronson on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they should contact him on those days.

The women agreed and said they would return to the council.