Log Cabin Quilters for May 10

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The Log Cabin Quilters met Thursday, May 3, at the Levy County Quilt Museum.  The Take 5 Quilt was sandwiched and placed in the quilting frame so quilting could begin.  It’s interesting how five pieces of fabric could turn out to look like this quilt.
 While some of the ladies were busy quilting the Take 5 Quilt, others were busy tagging items for our yard sale to be held during our open house on May 19. We are not getting rid of any of Winnelle’s items that she collected over the years. A lot of those items are boxed up and will be put back out for all to see.  You’ll have to come see for yourself.
 On Friday, the museum got a call from Robert who had delivered many a vegetable to Winnelle over the years. He was going to bring us zucchini, cabbage and pole beans for us to put up for our lunches on Thursdays.  On Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised to find Doris and Kathy busy doing the pole beans while they were waiting for their squash pickles to soak.  Thank you so much for saving me. I am domestically challenged.  Kathy took the cabbage to cook at her home and freeze for later, and the zucchini also found a volunteer.
Thursday, I did get a small round of applause when I correctly identified the Dresden Plate pieces that were in a box. That box was put back on the shelf to be looked into later.
Greg and six boys were out during the week. I don’t know what we would do without them. They help in so many ways. Thanks Lancaster.
The open house is taking shape. S.J. Hall will be here along with the Master Gardeners who will be able to answer a lot of your gardening questions.  A couple of other people are interested in setting up a table for their own yard sale. We have an announcement to make on that Saturday that we think will benefit the community.  The Open House will be from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.  Hope to see you there.