Log Cabin Quilters for June 28

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 The Log Cabin Quilters met Thursday, June 21, at the Levy County Quilt Museum.  Everyone was busy working on various projects – they were quilting on the Watermelon quilt, opening up some of the items that were boxed earlier, washing and drying the items and then putting them out for display.  We did have time for visiting and thinking of the ones who were out with sickness or vacation.
 Alice Mae brought in a new wall hanging. She was out sick last week and yet found time to work on the wall hanging. She’s one of the many that keep busy even if they “don’t feel just right” or “down in the back” or fighting off the effects of various treatments. Don’t stop keeping busy. You are missed and we want to see you back with us. There is a rocking chair waiting for you.
 Thursday, we found an amazing discovery. In one of the tin boxes, there were several quilt blocks of My Grandmother’s Garden done with English paper piecing.  From the handwriting on the paper, these may have been done in the 1930’s. At that time, the fabric and paper were held together with long basting stitches and then the quilter went over each piece with very small hand stitching. We hope to put these in a shadow box for all to see. This unknown quilter used whatever paper that was available — possibly an old letter. Today’s quilters still do paper piecing – sometimes with a light weight cardboard. After the quilt or quilt block is complete, the paper is removed.
 I’ve finally made the plunge to make a baby quilt. I found a small packet of precut squares for next to nothing at the Haven Hospice Attic store. I’m making this “all by myself”.  Cathy laid out the pattern, I ironed the squares and then Ailien squared up the blocks, then I sewed the blocks into rows. My next steps will be to iron the rows and sew them together. Then it’s back to the Museum for help with the sandwiching the batting. I’m learning especially when I’m doing this “all by myself” with a lot of help from friends.
Don’t forget you’re invited to join us in our potluck lunch about 11:30 Thursday and to test out the rocking chairs.  We’re open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.