Log Cabin Quilters: Jan. 27

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Director, Levy County Quilt Museum

The Log Cabin Quilters met Thursday, Jan. 20 at the Levy County Quilt Museum.   Our days are really busy now.   Some of our Northern ladies are back, and it’s so good to have them with us.

It seems like we’re getting a lot of clothes in now.   My friend who lived in Tampa passed away, and her husband wanted us to have what she left.  There are suits, bath robes, gowns, socks, blouses and so much more.   She made a lot of crafts and we will have many of them. So if you can, come out and see what we have.  We will be bringing more up when we go to Tampa again.   

We have taken everything to the Florida State Fair. Next week, we go to help with the judging.

Thursday lunch was so good with soup, turkey and rice, beans, egg salad, bean casserole, blueberry pie, pumpkin bars and so much more.