Log Cabin Quilters

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By Myrtice Scabarozi



     The Log Cabin Quilters met Thursday, Aug 7, at the Levy County Quilt Museum at 11050 N.W. 10th Ave. Alice Mae and Janie each brought in items for us to see.

Janie brought in the Drunkard’s Path that she had been working on for some time. Alice Mae brought in the square dance dress that she made in the 1970s. We were all in agreement that it was the dress that had shrunk over the years making it too small for her to wear now.

Ann and Alice Mae put the small quilt top that Ailien had made in the frame that is in the front room. Ann usually quilts when she is out on Wednesday. Everyone is invited out to quilt when you’re in the area.

Greg and the boys were out during the week. We’ll give them a list each week of “extra’s” that need to be done. Thanks Lancaster.

As we now have a square dance dress, we are in need of a dress form (dummy) so we can display the dress. If any of you have one, please consider donating it to us.

We are fortunate that we get to meet so many interesting people that visit us. This week we met a lady who spent over 20 years living on a sailboat with her husband.

Hopefully she’ll write a book for us to learn about her adventures. I don’t think we’ve ever had a boring person visit us.

Come out for a visit, you’ll never know who you just might meet.