Lobbying the Legislature

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County and school reps look for help

By Jenna McKenna

On the same day, Levy County School Board members Paige Brookins and Rick Turner also visited the state capitol, as did Levy County Parks and Recreation director Matt Weldon. Levy County Education Association representative Cindy Roach was also on hand. There was also a statewide rally of teachers and students on the capitol steps to get lawmakers to address budget shortfalls in public schools.

LCEA got behind a statewide initiative called Make Education a Priority, which had schools collecting one penny for every student in the Florida public education system. More than 2.6 million pennies were collected and presented on a plaza across the street from the capitol steps.

The pennies, which weighed more than 15,000 pounds and totaled mored than $26,000, were loaded into Brinks trucks and taken to storage. The money will be donated to Florida Children’s Home Society.