Life is more than the pursuit of empty pleasures

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By Louis Abel

"Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth."  Ecclesiastes 12:1

  An attractive young lady was surprised one day when she received a box of roses from a well-known woman in her town.  When she opened the box, her amazement turned to utter bewilderment because she saw that the roses were wilted and the petals were falling off.  Maybe the flowers had been packed for delivery a few days earlier and then forgotten.  Later that day, she ran into that woman and thanked her for the roses.  The older woman smiled and said, "I'm glad you like them.  I cut them last Monday and enjoyed them all week, but this morning when I noticed they were beginning to get old and faded, I thought of you and had them delivered to your door." Seeing the puzzled and hurt look in the girl's face, she continued, "The other evening I was sitting in the car while my husband went into the drugstore.  As you walked by I heard you telling someone that you wanted to become a Christian later, but not now while you are still young.  You said you wanted to have a good time first.  In other words you wish to give the Lord your life after the beauty, charm, and vigor have faded and you have become old and wrinkled.  I thought these roses would be an illustration of what you are doing in relationship to the Lord."

  The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote this book after he had wasted much of his life in pursuit of empty pleasures.  He had found that this world does not satisfy the deepest longing of the heart, and urged the youth to avoid the mistakes he had made.  The young person who gives the Lord his best will never regret this decision.    Pastor Abel is Pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Chiefland, and a frequent contributor to other Christian magazines.